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Month: November, 2012

vCenter Operations Manager 5.6 Features

Finally, vCOPS 5.6 is released. I was eagerly waiting for it. Few of the highlights of this new release vCenter Server Compatibility vCenter Operations Manager now supports VMware vCenter Server 5.1 and ESXi 5.1. Beta versions of vCenter Server and ESXi hosts are not supported in this 5.6 release. Integration with VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator […]

How to Share Dashbaord in vCOPS

Sharing Dashboard is one of the cool features available in vCOPS. You need to have Advance or Enterprise Edition to get Dashboard functionality. For more information about vCOPS features and their editions,  please click here We are going to use the Local user account for this blog. I will write another blog for LDAP access. […]

Badges in vCenter Operations Manager

Badge in vCenter Operations Manager vCenter Operations Manager uses badges to illustrate derived metrics to provide an overview of the state of the virtual environment or an individual object. These badges serve as focus points to narrow the scope of a potential problem and provide details about the cause of the problem. vCenter Operations Manager […]

vCenter Operations Manager Basics

vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) collects performance data from each object at every level of your virtual environment. It stores and analyzes the data, and uses that analysis to provide real-time information about problems, or potential problems, anywhere in your virtual environment. It provides following function Combines key metrics into single scores for environmental health and […]

Use HeatMap in vCOPS to get free disk space

vCOPS has lots of features and a big learning curve is involved here. This product is not that matured but still it is extremely helpful for the organization. There are multiple ways through which, you can get free disk space inside a VM. I was playing with it and finally, I was able to get […]

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