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Important files in ThinApp Directory

A colleague of mine, shared few important definitions/files for ThinApp.I thought, it will be useful to the community.

  1. AppSync.exe – The Application Sync utility is an automatic update facility. This file allows the desktop administrator to manually run the Application Sync utility.
  2. dll_dump.exe – It shows all applications captured with ThinApp that are running on the machine.
  3.  log_monitor.exe – A troubleshooting utility to generate a readable log file from a captured application as it runs.
  4. relink.exe – It updates older ThinApp 4.x versions of packages to the current version. A package update is necessary if, such as, a ThinApp 4.0.4 application package is to run on Windows 7.
  5.  sbmerge.exe – Updates applications after they are captured, by merging run time changes from the sandbox back into the existing project.
  6. Setup Capture.exe – The wizard for capturing an application with ThinApp.
  7. snapshot.exe – The tool that Setup Capture uses to look at the file system and Registry of the computer. This utility is for the pre-installation scan and post-installation scan. snapshot.exe also compares the two scans.
  8. snapshot.ini – Created when you install ThinApp. Contains configuration information for Setup Capture. This Configuration Settings file contains a list of system locations to exclude from the capture (such as the %TEMP% directory). ThinApp installs a default snapshot.ini file in the ThinApp folder that is used in the ThinApp scanning process. This file is involved whether you do your capture with Setup Capture or at the command prompt.
  9.  ThinAppConverter.exe – Implements the ThinApp Converter process.
  10.  ThinDirect.adm – Group Policy object (GPO) for administrator-controlled URLs for ThinDirect.
  11.  ThinDirect.msi – The installation file for the ThinDirect plug-in.
  12.  thinreg.exe – Creates the Start menu and desktop shortcuts, sets up file type associations, and adds uninstall information that can be executed from the system Control Panel.
  13.  tlink.exe – The ThinApp linker. Links the ThinApp run time into the ThinApp package during the build.
  14. vftool.exe – The virtual file system compiler. Used during the build.
  15.  vmw.lic – The file that contains the encrypted ThinApp license key.
  16.  vregtool.exe – ThinApp virtual registry compiler and exporter. Used during the build.
  17. Captures folder – When you start doing captures, a Captures folder appears at the highest level. The ThinApp projects go there, by default, under a folder for each application.

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