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Blue Icons in vCOPS

November 19th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

When ever we delete/de-commission a VM/Resource from the vCenter Server, we need to remove those resource from vCOPS otherwise, there will be a blue icon with a question mark. I wish, it could have updated automatically. But as of vCOPS 5.3 we don’t have that option. If anyone knows  a better way, please let me know about it.

To remove the resource, we need to go to

1. Custom UI i.e https://ip_address_of_vcOPS/Custom

2. Click on the Environment Tab

3. Click on “Recently Added Resources”

4. Select the resources by number of Days – I prefer to go with last 30 days

5. Sort via “Health” column

6. Select all the resources, which have blue icon

7. And click on Delete Resources.

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