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Thinapp to rescue – vCOPS Widget Performance issue

For last couple of months we were evaluating vCenter Operations Manager 5.0.  We were facing couple of issues with it. Thought to share it with the community about this issue.

Internet Explorer running slow/crashes

We have a corporate standard and we have to use Internet Explorer. But few of the widgets in dashboard were running very slow OR it used to crash the IE itself. Earlier, we thought it might be an issue with my computer, so we tried it on my laptop then my  colleagues desktop, they all faced the similar issue.

On the same box, Firefox version 10.0 was working fine. So, we knew, it is a IE issue or something with the plugins. To fix the problem we did the following but that did not help

1. Uninstalled/Disabled the anti-virus

2. Disabled Add-on in IE

3. Compared IE security settings

4. Added vCOPS in trusted zones

3. Tried IE on a Windows 2008 server VM and it worked fine. So we ran RSoP trying to figure out if group policy is causing the issue but that did not help either.

VMware says, they have never seen something like this and it is a problem with our environment – Who is going to say that to upper Management Cry. Finally, we came up with an idea and created ThinApp version of IE 8 to check, if it is a problem with IE or a problem with our environment.

When, we ran ThinApp version of IE and connected to dashboards it worked fine. So, now we know the problem is with our environment. I have a feeling this has to do with security settings/certificates, will let you know about my findings.

Finally, we were able to figure out the problem, the problem is related with McAfee and when we disabled the McAfee from the desktop it worked fine. We had to disable Framework Service and McAfee McShield.

To resolve the issue we configured the McAfee to avoid the scan of the UI URL.

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