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Category: ESXi 5

VMware Support is the best

Situation:- 100 CPU based SRM License for our environment. Problem – VMware changes their Licensing model from CPU based to VM based. Solution:- Spoke to VMware Licensing support about this issue. They were ready to cover 5 VMs per CPU License what we had purchased. I am not sure, from where they got this number. […]

Reference Posters from VMworld 2011

During VMworld 2011 event  VMware handed out PowerCLI and vSphere ESXi CLI reference poster. They can be downloaded from the following location PowerCLI 5.0 Reference Poster vSphere CLI ESXi5.0 Reference Poster

VMware vCenter Server Appliance Installation and Configuration

VMware vCenter Server Appliance As as alternative to installing vCenter Server on a windows machine, you can download the VMware vCenter Server appliance. It is a preconfigured Linux based VM optimized for running vCenter Server.   Prerequisites vSphere Client is already installed You can deploy vCenter Appliance only on hosts that are running ESX version […]

warning for ESXi Shell and SSH appear on an ESXi 5 host

In my lab environment, I saw that one my of Esxi host is a showing a warning message that Remote SSH and ESXi Shell for the host has been enabled. Now this is a very good and helpful message. This helps the administrators to know that remote access has been enabled just in case they […]

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