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Use HeatMap in vCOPS to get free disk space

vCOPS has lots of features and a big learning curve is involved here. This product is not that matured but still it is extremely helpful for the organization. There are multiple ways through which, you can get free disk space inside a VM. I was playing with it and finally, I was able to get […]

Understanding Widgets in vCOPS

All though I am using vCOPS On and Off for last couple of months. I thought, a short description of each widget will help to remember, what they do and how we can use them in the dashboard. Advanced Health Tree Widget The Advanced Health Tree widget shows the section of your resource hierarchy around […]

Metric Description in vCOPS

vCOPS documentation is not really good and information is scattered all over the place. It would be really nice, if VMware does justice to this product and puts in more resources for documentation. It is very hard to understand all the metrics that are in “All Metrics” tab under “Operations” tab, when you click on […]

Blue Icons in vCOPS

When ever we delete/de-commission a VM/Resource from the vCenter Server, we need to remove those resource from vCOPS otherwise, there will be a blue icon with a question mark. I wish, it could have updated automatically. But as of vCOPS 5.3 we don’t have that option. If anyone knows¬† a better way, please let me […]

vCOPS Metrics

To understand vCOPS and its metrics one needs to understand the below mentioned metrics. I thought to add this on my blog site to help me. Hope this helps you too. Provisioned Amount of a resource that the user configures.The provisioned metric might apply to the amount of physical memory for a host or the […]

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