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Month: August, 2010

ROI on your Virtual Environment

Recently, I came across a nice tool on VMWare’s website which can help the management to get a good understanding on their ROI. Link –  VMware’s Web site Tags: ROI

How VM access data on a SAN

ESX/ESXi stores a virtual machine’s disk files within a VMFS datastore that resides on a SAN storage device. When virtual machine guest operating systems issue SCSI commands to their virtual disks, the SCSI virtualization layer translates these commands to VMFS file operations.When a virtual machine interacts with its virtual disk stored on a SAN, the […]

Check actual disk space usage for Thindisk

If, we have a Thin disk and we want to understand the actual space used inside the disk then we will have to the “du” cmd from the ESX. I am sure there are going to be other ways also. But I like to do things from cmd line du -h thinkdisk.vmdk The above cmd […]

Check Disk (Thin/Thick from cmd line)

I was wondering if there is no vCenter access server and all I have is a ESX  console access, how am I going to find whether a VM has a thick disk OR thin disk. After some research I found this which I would like to share it with everybody. The descriptor file for the VM has […]

Log Location

Location of Log files for VMware products Recently I came across a nice kb article explaining location for VMware products. This link is from VMware’s KB article – 1021806 

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