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VMworld 2011/Vegas Experience

It was amazing to attend VMworld 2011. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. In fact I stayed in Vegas for 10 days. It was a business/pleasure trip.

Here are the few take away points from my VMworld/Vegas experience

1) Try to book your trip via Priceline, I got a good deal from them.

2) Come a day earlier and get enough rest. (No heavy drinking before and during VMworld)

3) Wear comfortable footwear. Just in case if you forget them, go to walking company and get a good insole OR shoes.

4) Collect your pass a day before VMworld  starts and get acclimatize to the entire surrounding. It will help you.

5) Many bloggers have already mentioned don't try to attend each and every session, you won't be able to. Try to make a strong network and have attend labs. Next year, if I get a chance, I will try to finish all the labs and register myself for a free VMworld 2013

6) This year the facility at the Venetian was very good and so was the food.

7) I was lucky to meet Duncan, and got vSPhere Clustering Technical Deepdive book signed by him, had a meeting with him for 15 min. All though I did not register for it, he came 15 mins early and I was able to talk to him. It was a wonderful experience.

8) Met lot of vExperts it was amazing to see, how helpful and down to earth these people are

9) If you like to blog and want to help the community, get in touch with John Troyer, (@jtroyer) he is the guy who can not only help you get in touch with other bloggers but also get your site registered with PlanetV12n

Timeshare Tip

During my stay at Vegas, I met lot of people who approached me for Timeshare. They really had a very nice way to approach you – They will start either by asking you – Do you need $250 free gaming chips OR Do you need free show pass. They will ask you to attend a meeting of 2-3 hours and your return gift, is $250 chips to play at casino.

Since, we had some time, my wife and myself went to two different timeshare meeting. Wyndham and Bluegreen. Got $500 gift checks from them and went to casino to enjoy,

Please note – These are not worth $500. You have to win from them and then take that money. You cannot encash them for money. We went to Luxor, and Excalibur casinos. Here they gave us $5 chips, we thought we might get $1 chip but that was not the case and when we went to MGM Grand we got $25 chips. You don't get a option to use $1 chips with the gift cards given by Timeshare company. Moral of the story call the casino and get it conformed from them, the denomination of chips that they will provide, when you produce the Gift checks.

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